The 德州军事学院军校团 is an optional 小君ior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) and is designated an Honor Unit with Distinction.

在全国范围内, only 45 schools offer a military program comparable to MG游戏中心’s 队的学员, 哪一个被指定为荣誉单位. Cadets are required to wear MG游戏中心 designated military uniforms on campus during school. Each week, Cadets participate in several formations and drills outside of JROTC class time. Each month, they conduct and participate in additional special ceremonies and parades. MG游戏中心 Cadets are also a regular and welcome presence at parades 和社区服务 activities throughout 圣安东尼奥.

整个课程的重点是领导力. 值包括完整性, 可靠性, 自律, 承诺, 学会尊重和忠诚. 教官是指挥官和副指挥官, who are certified as Army Instructors by the US Army and have over 55 years military experience between them, 将他们的经验和领导能力带到学员营.


军校学员团本质上是一个领导力实验室. The lessons learned here have leadership applications both in and out of uniform. The Cadets are led by Cadet officers and sergeants, not by coaches and teachers. 学员军官(助手, 船长, 或以上)相当于公司高管, 企业高管, 或者公司的首席管理者. 士官生相当于一线主管, 人事或运营经理, 和团队领导. The success of our Cadets is a result of placing the ROTC classroom leadership theory into practice. This enables Cadets to learn respect for authority and sharpen their leadership skills. The Cadet commanders are responsible for Cadet organizations of between 30 and 120 Cadets. 这一责任包括学员的行为和外表. A Cadet staff officer's responsibility covers the areas of supply and equipment, 招聘和公共信息, 政府, 操作, 经院哲学和保留. At the first line of the supervisory level are juniors and sophomores, 谁领导较小的学员团体, 数字从7到18不等. Cadets are held accountable for their own actions as well as those under their command. The 中学, freshman and sophomore Cadets learn to follow leadership from upperclassmen. 所有学员均可获得额外的领导机会, 通过麦克阿瑟步枪队, 颜色警卫, 风笛和鼓乐队, 步枪队(枪法), 军刀卫队(海恩斯的军刀), 大炮船员, 身体健康排, 手枪俱乐部, 和越野识途比赛的团队. These groups represent MG游戏中心 both on campus and in the surrounding communities.


自1974年以来,军校团一直是一个自愿的项目. The leadership program at MG游戏中心 has a long and distinguished history. 14名校友晋升为将官, 包括陆军将军道格拉斯·麦克阿瑟, while past alumni have received the Medal of Honor and at least Five Distinguished 服务 Crosses (second-highest award for valor). Former Cadets include bishops, congressmen, and university presidents.


The end of the year Pass in Review ceremonial tossing of the hats is a long-standing tradition for the graduating senior class. 上学校 Cadets take a one-credit JROTC class that meets daily. 中学 Cadets do not attend the classroom phase of Cadet training. 高年级学员是JROTC项目的成员. MG游戏中心 has received the highest rating possible from the US Army Cadet Command for over 10 years. 这个评级承认MG游戏是全国最好的电视节目之一. JROTC项目成立于1919年, and its goal is to help students become better citizens and leaders.

It is supported with texts through four levels of instruction addressing the following areas: leadership, 公民身份, 地图阅读, 急救, 药物滥用预防, 身体健康, 公众演讲, 财务管理, 军事历史, 职业机会和面试技巧, 基本枪法, 军事演习和仪式.

Cadets at MG游戏中心 are held to a higher standard of conduct and appearance as part of the 领导 Laboratory concept. This is an indication of the Cadets’ place at the heart of MG游戏中心’s standard of 道德 conduct and servant leadership. Cadets march into and sit as a unit during the monthly Eucharist service. Cadet conduct is expected to be above reproach both in and out of the classroom and off campus as well. 军校学员们自己纠正军团内部的差异. 这是通过以身作则的领导来实现的, 一个缺点系统, 以及由学员管理的纪律委员会.


The typical Cadet at MG游戏中心 is involved in one to two sports each year and one additional extra-curricular activity. 学员领导的影响可以在各个领域看到, 从运动队队长到荣誉委员会, 从教堂级长到戏剧作品的主演. 



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任务: MG游戏中心 provides an exceptional education with values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ that challenge motivated students to develop their full potential in service and leadership.

MG游戏中心圣公会招收任何种族的学生, color, 民族和民族血统, 性, 宗教, 和身体能力的所有权利, 特权, 项目, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. 这所学校没有种族歧视, color, 民族和民族血统, 性, 宗教, and 物理 ability in 政府 of its educational policies, 招生政策, 奖学金和财政援助项目, 体育和其他学校管理的项目.
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